Below is an overview of my UX Design & Agile Process, along with methods I've used from my UX toolkit to implement each stage.

What is UX

The diagram above from an article by K. Paluch gives an overview of what user experience design involves.

Along with Jesse James Garrett's Elements of the User Experience process below this explains the Human-Computer Interaction I've learned, along with in-depth discovery, design and evaluation methods ranging from contextual inquiry to design research and usability testing as cornerstones of better user experience design.

Elements of the User Experience diagram

My portfolio reflects work and ongoing learning to become more balanced than a technologist and T-shaped, i.e., having vertical depth of skill as well as lateral breadth across all of the above to be capable of integrative creativity.

This is all part of a toolbox to improve how people work and live by adapting technology development to a a human-centered design process of tailoring tools and services to real needs and goals.